Stalin's Atom Bomb a.k.a Homosexuality, No. 2

Giclee print
56 x 77 cm
Edition: 2/3 + AP

由藝術家與Galerie Sector慷慨捐贈
Generously donated by the artist and Galerie Sector

Yevgeniy Fiks

Yevgeniy Fiks is a Russian born, New York based artist. Born in Moscow in 1972, much of his work centres around the relationship between the West and the post-Soviet states, including Lenin for Your Library? in which Lenin’s 'Imperialism: the Highest Stage of Capitalism' text was sent to 100 international businesses in donation to their libraries. Other pinnacle works include Communist Party USA and Communist Guide to New York City. Fiks has exhibited internationally, including shows at the Winkleman and Postmasters galleries in New York and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. He has also featured works at the 2011 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and the 2015 Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art.