Tryptic from the series "Les Nourritures Terrestres"

2014 - 2015
展覽質量印刷、Hahnemule papermat 305
Prints exhibition quality on Hahnemule papermat 305
50 x 50 cm each
1/13 版
Edition 1/13

Pascaline Marre

Pascaline Marre is a French photographer and author. Marre lives and works in Paris, where she is represented by the Binôme gallery. Her work explores disappearances (both real and imaginary, historical and fantasised). Marre’s long-term projects question the exploitation of man’s supremacy over minorities, whichever they might be, and his ability to sustain himself in the collective fantasy of its survival. Ongoing projects include Asylon, which details the struggles of those seeking asylum and refuge in France, and Suspended Time.