#63 - Steven

Pigment print with facemount
60 x 90 cm
1/6 版
Edition 1/6

由藝術家與Mur Nomade慷慨捐贈
Generously donated by the artist and Mur Nomade

Niko de la Faye

Niko de la Faye was born in Brest, France, in 1978. He lives and works in both Paris and Beijing. A self-taught artist, Niko works with a large variety of tools and materials to create photographs, kinetic sculptures, costumes, installations, videos and performances. His inspiration and research are organised along two axes: body and geometry, and movement and space. He creates instinctively, and the foundations of his work lie in the collaborations and encounters with people he meets, and the environments in which he finds himself living and working.