Corinne Mercadier, photographer. French Paris, France.

Akiko Hoshina, ceramist, Japanese Tokyo, Japan.

2007 - 2011
Photograph, archival ink jet print
77 x 102 cm with 5 cm margin
版數 Edition: 5

Anne Leigniel

Anne Leigniel is a Burgundy-born, French artist who is currently based between London and Asia. For the last 12 years, Anne has been collecting studio rags from artists around the globe. To date, the collection includes pieces from more than 100 artists hailing from over 20 different nationalities. These artists represent a range of age groups and varying stages of recognition, producing works in a wide range of artistic mediums including scultpure, installation, and film, respectively. Each rag shares a unique insight into the life of the artist, with the fabric itself often representing strong, sentimental ties.